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This roadmap is a guideline and may be
subject to change based on the evolving
DiFi landscape and the needs of the Perseus DeFi Syndicate community.

roadmap roadmap-numbers

May 2023

Conceptualization and Planning for Perseus DeFi Syndicate

Jun 2023

Conceptualization and Planning for Perseus DeFi Syndicate

Jul 2023

Audit and Official Launch of Perseus DeFi Syndicate

Aug 2023

Initiation of DAO and Investment Decisions

Sep 2023

Forming Strategic Partnerships and Expanding Investment Opportunities

Oct 2023

and Beyond: Sustained Growth and Development



Community & Ecosystem


& Decision–Making


Investment Pool


Team & Advisors


Liquidity Provision



1. What is the Perseus DeFi Syndicate?
Perseus DeFi Syndicate is a pioneering venture that combines decentralized finance with democratic principles of a syndicate. We use blockchain technology to create a transparent, secure, and efficient platform for collective investment
2. How does Perseus DeFi Syndicate ensure transparency and security?
Perseus DeFi Syndicate is built on blockchain technology, providing a transparent, trustless environment for investments. All transactions and decision-making processes are immutable and auditable. Additionally, our smart contracts automate investment terms and return distribution, minimizing the need for intermediaries and potential conflicts.
3. How does Perseus DAO work?
As a Perseus token holder, you gain the ability to propose and vote on syndicate decisions, earning rewards for active participation in the DAO. Furthermore, you receive a share of profits from syndicate investments, access exclusive opportunities within the ecosystem, and join a thriving community of forward-thinking investors.
4. What does ‘profit sharing’ mean in the Perseus ecosystem?
Profit sharing refers to the distribution of profits from syndicate investments among Perseus token holders. By holding Perseus tokens, you are entitled to a proportionate share of the syndicate's profits.
5. What types of investments does Perseus DeFi Syndicate focus on?
As a blockchain-based venture, Perseus DeFi Syndicate focuses primarily on investments within the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. This includes but is not limited to blockchain projects, DeFi platforms, crypto tokens, and related initiatives. Perseus token holders make the exact investment decisions collectively.
6. Can I propose an investment opportunity as a Perseus token holder?
Yes, as a Perseus token holder, you have the right to propose investment opportunities. If the proposal gains enough support from other token holders, it can be adopted as a syndicate investment.
Our Team

Our CEO, with a proven track record, has built
and operated successful ventures, providing a solid foundation for Perseus Fintech. Our handpicked team of finance professionals brings deep industry expertise and a passion for innovative fintech solutions. With a collaborative approach and diverse perspectives, we drive meaningful innovation. Partner with us to shape the future of fintech

Our Ceo (Federico Salmoiraghi)